How it works:
The Dolittle moves on a perfectly circular course which is preset to maintain the camera angle of certain elements of the composition fixed. These elements keep their location throughout the whole shot and thus
enhance the illusion of
inner movement.

See enlarged picture of
the Dolittle

The Dolittle is designed as a 3 wheel trolley (50x30cm), In which the angle of the front wheel is set to determine the radius of curvature of the circular movement. Powered by battery, the Dolittle moves independently on a smooth surfaced board (90X40 cm) which is attached to a tripod and supported by 2 monopods. (See picture)

The Dolittle can reach incredible low, but yet steady speeds (as low as 1 cm/min). the special set-up of the wheels ensures a very accurate radial course that can be repeated over and over with no deviation

The two laser pointers are parallel to the wheel axes. The point at which they meet is at the center of the circular movement and will remain static in the frame, throughout the movement.

Engine and gear system
Speed dial
Reverse direction switch
Laser pointers for fast
calibration of the axis wheel angle. The intersection between the two lasers indicates the axis of rotation, which will keep its place in the composition through out the shot)
Rechargeable battery.
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